Sunday, February 01, 2009


Macintosh SE/30: Best Mac Ever

As all right-thinking people know, the Macintosh SE/30 is the best Mac ever made. Here are a couple of articles detailing why:

The SE/30 was the first Mac I ever owned, graciously provided by my parents during my sophomore year of college. It was a nice upgrade from the Atari 800 that I had through high school.

Back then, Macs weren't just highly polished alternatives to PCs. Back then, Macs were Different. The SE/30 was the pinnacle of the original all-in-one "cute" Macintosh design.

I loved that SE/30. I learned 68030 assembly so that I could write a Missile Command clone for it. I learned about user interface design. I learned C. I learned how to use a low-level debugger (MACSBUG). I pored through all the volumes of Inside Macintosh. I played with HyperCard. Being a Macintosh programmer played a large role in forming my professional skills and interests.

Alas, I eventually decided that I needed a Power Mac 6100, and the SE/30 went into the closet. Then I started literally using it as a doorstop. A few years later, I traded it for a new hard drive.

That was a bad trade.

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