Sunday, January 18, 2009



Every time I've moved, I've wished that I could get a dumpster, park it beneath my apartment balcony, and just throw stuff into it as I pack. However, apartment managers frown on residents parking dumpsters in their lots, so I've never been able to do it.

Now, I've finally done it! We got a 20-cubic-yard dumpster delivered on Friday. When it arrived, it looked huge, and I figured we'd only fill it halfway. But after a few hours of tossing stuff into it, it's almost full.

Contents include the following:

Renting the dumpster cost a few hundred bucks. I wondered if it might be more cost-effective to just buy an old pickup and drag things to the dump myself, but the dumpster is definitely a time-saver.

The dumpster company is called "Hudson River." I guess when people think about dumping waste, they think of the Hudson River.

If your tippage fees at the local dump are anything like ours around here, then renting the dumpster at a few hundred dollars (assuming it includes the actual disposal costs after the fact) would really be the much cheaper option.

I have the luxury of a *cough cough* dumpster at work that I can make things disappear into, but I still find it a PITA to actually haul the stuff there in my truck.

When we do a cleanout of our own (and geez, do we ever have a big one coming) I'm going to go the dumpster route myself as well.
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