Friday, October 24, 2008


Hussein Is My Middle Name

On Facebook, there is a group called "Hussein Is My Middle Name." Here is the description for the group:

I'm not trying to change anyones' mind about who they vote for this November but I am concerned about how many people have been trying to make an issue of, or just subtly referencing Barack Obama's middle name.

These references are clearly bigoted attacks trying to suggest that Mr. Obama is foreign, different, not like the rest of America. Political campaigns can be (and should be) rough, smash mouth affairs but there are limits and this crosses them.

I am asking you, whatever your politics, to make a small stand against this kind of politics and bigotry. Join this group and ask all of your friends to join it also. Go to the help section of Facebook and change you middle name to Hussein until the election is over.

I've noticed a lot of people that I respect on facebook have already done something similar but I could find no actual group or organization behind it so i am trying to provide it.

Thank you for considering this.
Jason Hussein Wichlacz

I like this. So I'll be known as Kristopher Hussein Johnson online for the next couple of weeks.

Update: Paul Hussein Tomblin pointed out that there is another similar group. Here is the description for that group:

Recently, what with the rise of Barack Obama, American Conservatives have been using the Illinois Senator's name as if it were a slur. Folks from Michael Savage (real name Michael Weiner) to Rush Limbaugh to rest of the bobble head Right have been over emphasizing his middle name as if to remind you that he could be Muslim. This bigoted move shows how wrong they are. In a symbolic show of support, I say we all say our middle name is Hussein, regardless if you're an Obama supporter or a Clinton one. Hatemongering should be challenged on all fronts!

This one is a little more left-oriented than the other, neutral group, but I still agree with the main sentiment.

Turns out there are *two* facebook groups with the same idea. So I joined both of them.

- Paul Hussein Tomblin
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