Thursday, October 30, 2008


Australia Bound

I just found out I'll be going to Adelaide, South Australia for two or three weeks.

I'd appreciate any advice anyone can give regarding what a dumb American might be surprised to find (or more importantly, not find) in Australia. I know I need to bring the right kind of power cables for my laptops. What else might I need? Will my iPhone work there? Will my credit cards work there?

If you happen to know of great things to go look at in the Adelaide area, I'd be glad to hear about those things too. But I doubt I'll have much sightseeing time available.

Warning: Any comments that include the terms g'day, barbie, or vegemite may be summarily deleted.

Your iPhone will work, but be prepared for a bill that's sky-high if you actually use it, especially data.

If you still have the original iPhone (and you haven't done so already) I'd unlock it and then pickup a local pay as you go type SIM with some minutes and a reasonable data plan. I'm not familiar with Australian cell plans but no matter what you do you'll end up ahead of the game by using a SIM from a national carrier versus paying international roaming for every minute/kilobyte.
I'm not going to go to the trouble of unlocking my phone and finding an Australian carrier just to save a few bucks. I'll probably just use my iPhone as a phone (very little if any data usage), and rely on Skype and IM for most communication with home.
Sorry, assumed you'd be using it heavily.

When I travel for any length of time in the USA I use a prepaid AT&T SIM in mine, but I do use my phone the same while traveling as I would at home.
My phone usage at home averages around 20 minutes per month. (I really don't like mobile phones very much.) I probably will shell out the $5.99 for AT&T's international roaming discount, but I don't expect my phone charges to be very high.

I'll miss the data usage a bit, but I hope I can get by for a few weeks with just my laptop and an Internet connection.
Small world - I live about 30 kms north-east of Adelaide. The other cities tend to look down on it as a "large quiet country town", but *I* like it. :-)

I guess it depends on what your expectations are entertainment wise. There are some lovely world class wineries here if you're into that sort of thing (see, the occasional sporting event (eg fast car racing), etc.

The prominent phone carrier is Telstra, so they will probably be handling your call roaming, and if you have a VISA card that should be almost as good as real money :-)

And I used to be in a job where I travelled occasionally but never got to see the sights - it's kind of depressing.

Heh - also Adelaide related, for fans of Dexter. Dexter Showcase ad

(hope this doesn't scare Kris off :-).

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