Wednesday, August 06, 2008


MobileMe Suckage

Everybody knows that Apple's new MobileMe service sucks. But for me, it sucks more than for most people.

You see, I had the .Mac service before "the transition." .Mac wasn't all that useful, but it worked, and I never had any complaints. But, since .Mac changed into MobileMe, I've been unable to access any of its services. I can't log in to the website, can't get e-mail, can't sync my Macs or iPhone.

Whenever I try to log in, I get a message indicating I have an invalid username and/or password. I used the same settings that worked for .Mac. I can go to the "I forgot my password page", and it lets me change my password, but I still can't log in to MobileMe.

I've sent e-mail to Apple Support, but it has been ignored. Whenever I try to chat with a support agent, I'm told "We're sorry. All support agents are currently busy. Please try again later."

Even though I can't log in, I've just received my "It's almost time to renew your MobileMe contract" mail from Apple. Ha!

UPDATE: About an hour after I posted the above tirade, I finally got to chat with an Apple support agent, who reset my password and now everything works fine. I don't know why the reset he did was different from all the resets I've done myself. Unfortunately, syncing with MobileMe now results in me losing all the contact and calendar information I've been entering into my iPhone for the past couple of weeks. Oh, well...

I've become a huge Apple fan over the last few years, but yes, it does appear that the whole MobileMe debacle is a huge screwup.

I never subscribed to .Mac beyond the free trial that came with my new 20" iMac so thankfully I've not experienced any of the problems.

I've always been one to tell all my friends and family how nice it is having computers that "just work", but with more and more bad press at Apple recently regarding things like this I'm getting some heat back on occasion.

I sure hope Apple is learning from this disaster.
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