Thursday, January 17, 2008




Another year has gone by. I didn't really set many goals for myself last year, so I'm not disappointed by any failures (although I am disappointed that I didn't set any goals). I lost 20 pounds and ran the Peachtree Road Race, but I've regained the 20 pounds.

The biggest change in my life is that the thing worked out and I am now part of an "us." This is making me very happy. We live in a newly-purchased old cabin in the woods. I'm now spending my weekends doing yardwork and other handiwork, which is a big change from my old lifestyle. I now have access to a chainsaw and will soon have a tiller. At some point, I'm going to have to learn about wells so I can get rid of the sulfur smell in our water.

I never understood why all the guys with wives and girlfriends never have any free time to hang out with us unencumbered guys. Now I understand. There's not much "me time" anymore, but I don't miss it. (Love you, sweetie.)

I am practicing guitar whenever I have some free time. I hope to be able to play some actual music by this time next year. I also want to master the drums on Rock Band.

I'm going to start taking a self-portrait on each birthday. I hope my deterioration will be very slow. I haven't decided yet whether the beard is going to be a permanent part of my appearance.

[UPDATE: 2/4/2008: Beard is gone.]

[UPDATE: 2/26/2008: I miss my beard.]

Happy Birthday. Seeing your post entitled "41" made me think of "the Up Series", a documentary series that started with 7 year olds (called "7 up") and kept visiting them every 7 years. The most recent installment is "49 up".

They're fascinating to watch and I kept thinking "this is what I was doing when I was 28, 35, etc".
I've enjoyed the 7up series. I think the first one I saw was "28 up".
Happy birthday Kris. This group of Johnsons is very glad that you have had so many positive changes in your life. We are truly happy for you. I hope we can all get together to celebrate soon, not just your birthday, but also the other three that we need to celebrate in January. Happy 41! Sheridan
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