Saturday, June 02, 2007


Project 365

I'm not blogging much, because I'm spending all my free time with my camera. I've reached the point that I understand all the camera's features and settings. I am now concentrating on consistently getting good exposures (not too dark; not too light) and composing good pictures.

One challenge I've undertaken is to take one "good" picture per day for a year. By "good," I mean it's a picture that I spent some time thinking about and trying to perfect.

I got this idea from the Project 365 page on the Photojojo site. I'm not really following the spirit of the project as described on that page, as I am focusing on learning to take good pictures, rather than trying to document a year of my life. But who knows, maybe I will be able to look back on the pictures and remember what I did each day.

My set of pictures can be found here: Project 365. As of now, there are 26 pictures. I don't know whether I'll have 339 more ideas for pictures to take, but I'm going to try.

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