Saturday, June 30, 2007


Phone Books

I received new phone books yesterday. I immediately threw them into the closet that contains four years' worth of phone books that I keep meaning to recycle. I have about ten cubic feet of books. All the books are still in the plastic bags.

Does anyone actually use phone books anymore? I can't remember the last time I looked up a number or address in a book. I suspect it was in the 1990's. I do use phone books as impromptu stepladders, monitor stands, and replacement table legs, but there are better alternatives.

Phone books are just really-heavy junk mail. I'll have to look into whether I can request to no longer receive them. I'll get on that right after I recycle the ones I have.

The Day the Tech Failed
by Joel Phillips

Scientology, at its most advanced levels, gives you control over matter, energy, space and time, which L. Ron Hubbard referred to as MEST.

Well, right now it is not working.

The Wiccans, Indonesians and Russians who are out to get me put up this blog. Take a look at and then and think about it.

Try as I might I was unable to control the electrons on this blog. So I had to go and complain to Google about it. That makes me very sad. What is also sad is that I could not do it myself but I had to get S. Sullivan, who takes care of my computer matters to do it for me. I did not even know how to explain to Google what these people had done!

But, the struggle goes on! I will keep my site up to date with news on zealots, perverts, apostates, hardliners, pederasts, Jihad supporters, sleeper cell members, terrorists, bombers, child molestors and other foes of religious freedom.

Even though American Coast Title is not a Scientology WISE company its other two owners, Frank Berriz and Linda Blood, recognize the need to stand up for religious freedom. So too do the employees, Carla Baumgartner, Caitlin Bryant, Chris Celaya, Derrick Hatchett, Michelle Lindgren, Ron McIntosh, George Ramirez, Gaby Salgado, Jeff Smith, Al Solorzano, John Solorzano, Yvette Solorzano and Nicole Vong. Each and every one has stood straight and strong when the extremists have come knocking on the door of American Coast Title seeking to bring the destruction of religious freedom to Glendale.
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