Saturday, May 05, 2007


Digital Photography

I've been hobby-less for a couple of months. Scheduling problems and weather have prevented me from getting into some of the things I was planning (kayaking, fencing, martial arts, Italian travel). A friend at work has been trying to talk me into taking some photography classes along with him, so I decided to let him win the argument.

My last foray into photography was about five years ago. I was taking my year off from work, so I bought a Canon PowerShot (2 megapixels!) and spent a couple of months playing with it and with Photoshop Elements. I learned a lot, but my interest waned. I took hundreds of pictures during the first few months, but lately I notice that every time I pick up the camera, it has dead batteries because it's been sitting unused for too long.

This time, I'm plunging in deeper. I've ordered a Nikon D80 digital SLR camera and an 18-135mm lens. That set me back about $1150. I also ordered some photography books from Amazon, and after buying all the necessary accessories, the tally will be a couple hundred dollars higher. Then I'll have to pay for the classes. And, inevitably, I'll need to buy more books, more lenses, and maybe another camera.

Concurrently with the photography, I'm also going to try to learn to draw (yet again) and learn about visual design. Maybe I'll even try painting.

Can anyone suggest some good online photography-related forums, blogs, or other useful resources?

Hi Kris,

I can't see an email address listed for contacting you, and I would REALLY like to ask you a question about private planes and flying.

I am writing a book and need to be sure something is correct.

My own email is available in my profile - if you could drop me a note, I could return it asap.

I would be very grateful to you!!

I've had a Nikon D-50 for 18 months, and have really enjoyed it.

Flickr has many groups that are helpful, and I like this blog:
Excellent resource -
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