Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Drive-Thru Etiquette

Fast-food drive-thru lanes are for the convenience of everyone, not just for you. If you cannot complete your transaction efficiently, you owe it to everyone else to park your car and go inside to order and receive your food.

If you are ordering meals for more than four people, please go inside. If the driver of the car is unable to recite the orders for all occupants of the car, please go inside.

If you have questions about the menu, or need some time to make up your mind, please go inside.

If your big f'ing truck has a big f'ing engine that is so f'ing loud that you can't communicate over the intercom, please go inside.

If you want something "weird," like a hamburger without a bun or a drink consisting of one half Sprite, one quarter Coke, and one quarter root beer, please go inside.

Do not use your cell phone while ordering or while paying.

If you want to redeem coupons, please go inside.

If you are not willing to answer, "Yes, that's fine" to any question the clerk asks, please go inside.

Take whatever is in the bag they give you, and go. If you are one of those picky people who insists on getting exactly what was ordered, please go inside.

Man, you hit one of my major pet peeves on the head with that one.

Here in Canada we have a major (religiously addictive and part of the culture) coffee shop called Tim Hortons. (You've probably heard of it...)

In the last few years they've went from the basic coffee and donuts to offering more - breakfast sandwiches, bagels, specialty drinks, etc.

That's great and all except when you get the one moron in the line ordering an entire breakfast for his office, complete with specially prepared bagels, 25 or 30 coffees all with separate fixings, etc etc etc.

Same goes for lunch, etc.

It's always been my thought that there should be a limit of 2 people with straightforward orders in drive-thrus - all the people behind you just want a damn coffee and a donut or a quick burger and soda.

You had to touch on the Tim Horton's issue didn't you. People with large complex orders really piss me off.

I go to Tim's every morning for a simple coffee, and I always get stuck behind the yahoo with an order written out for everybody else and their dog.

Tim's should have a special line for poeple that just want to get only themselves a coffee and get out.

Drive-thrus are great, but often the fastest way to get something is to run in.
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