Tuesday, March 20, 2007



I haven't seen the new movie 300. I don't want to. I'll probably catch it on DVD or cable some day, but right now, I have no interest.

Why is this fact worth writing a blog entry about? Well, all the guys I know have either seen it, or they really want to see it whenever their wives let them out of the house. It makes me wonder what's wrong with me.

Watching hundreds of people getting killed in grisly ways just isn't as much fun as it used to be.

I first noticed a change in my perspective when I saw the movie Scream. I'd seen plenty of horror movies when I was younger, but I just couldn't get into the spirit of this movie. While watching Drew Barrymore get terrorized and killed in the initial scene, I could only think about how truly horrible it would be for a young woman to go through it. Throughout the movie, I cringed as I saw all those attractive young kids fall victim to a serial killer. When I was younger, it didn't bother me when jocks and cheerleaders got killed at their cool-people get-togethers, but watching it as an adult just made me think about what a horrible place the world can be.

I guess I just can't see it all as fantasy anymore. When I was young, it all seemed unreal, but now I know that some children and teenagers do actually get killed in horrible ways. I know Scream isn't a documentary, but I just couldn't suspend my disbelief.

It's not that I can't stomach violent images. I like everything Quentin Tarantino does, and I have no problem watching old Westerns or war movies. Violence is fine when it enhances all the other stuff going on in a movie, but when violence is the movie, it just turns me off.

So, I'm not going to see 300 on an IMAX screen with a few hundred bloodthirsty teenagers. I guess I'm no longer in that young-male demographic. I'll be watching Man of La Mancha instead.

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