Wednesday, February 21, 2007


TV Detectives

Due to a series of events and decisions that I can't begin to describe, my TiVo is now filled with episodes of Columbo, The Rockford Files, and Magnum, P.I. This naturally leads to evaluations of which investigator is the "best."

Rockford and Magnum each solve their crimes within an hour. Columbo takes two hours. Obviously, Columbo is less efficient.

Magnum gets to fly in a helicopter, courtesy of his friend T.C. Magnum also gets to drive a Ferrari, which is better than a Firebird or Columbo's beater.

Magnum lives in Robin Master's guest house, and is often surrounded by stewardesses and/or models. Rockford lives in a mobile home, but at least it is near the beach. Columbo is happily married, but doesn't get any appreciation from damsels in distress.

All things considered, I think I'd prefer to have Thomas Magnum's life. But I prefer to watch Lieutenant Columbo. "Just one more thing, sir, ..."

Unfortunately, I can't find any cable stations that show Mannix, Beretta, Cannon, Barnaby Jones, or Kojak. If I had those available, I could really decide who I want to be.

I've watched all three but I find The Rockford files the most entertaining.

Columbo, is too intellectual and Magnum has too many things going for him.

Rockford is an everyday guy just trying to make a living.
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