Monday, February 19, 2007


So, What's Next?

Small airplanes didn't kill me. Skydiving didn't kill me. Scuba didn't kill me. Motorcycles didn't kill me. Firearms didn't kill me.

A pundit might want to add the word "yet" to each of those sentences, but I've accepted the more-obvious conclusion: I'm invincible.

Being invincible, I have no further reason to confront my fears. I think my next few obsessions should be things that are not dangerous, as a way to keep my karma balanced (and my mom's blood pressure down).

Here are a few things I'm considering trying out. A couple of them fit the "James Bond" theme of earlier hobbies, but most of them are pretty mundane.

So, what you do all want to read? Endless articles about golf swings, hand positions for playing scales, or how far I ran yesterday? Or would you prefer more death-defying stunts?

Of the choices you give, I'd like to hear about your experiences with piano lessons, since I'm thinking of getting those myself. I have avoided doing so because I feel I should probably be able to teach myself the piano and I don't want to spend the money on lessons... if you found that lessons really helped, it might spur me on to get them too.

Martial arts lessons also sound interesting, as do helicopter lessons (the latter in a more abstract way, since I don't think I'll ever try piloting a helicopter).

Death-defying stunts make entertaining reading. It would also be entertaining to read about your attempts at something less action-oriented, e.g. meditation or tai chi.
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