Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Am I a Scary Gun Person?

In my first entry about guns, I noted that I had been repulsed by "scary" gun owners. I wonder whether I have become one of those scary people myself.

So, I'd appreciate it if anybody out there would tell me if my gun-related posts have changed their opinion of me. Did you think I was a cool guy who you'd like to share a drink or dinner with, but now you're glad you didn't? If so, is there anything in particular I wrote that disturbed you, or is it more of a general concern about people who like guns?

I really do want to know what people think, and I promise not to get defensive nor to "punish" anybody who answers the question affirmatively. Anonymity is fine. I won't respond to any of the comments for this entry unless specifically asked to do so.

Well, I am not somebody who is scared of Gun people, so I not the best person to judge.

I think your arsenal is at least 9 guns short of the required inventory to be classified as a real gun person.

Keep working on it... ;-)
Nothing scary so far!
Nah, I'd still like to meet you someday if we bumped into each other - nothing scary at all.

Your gun posts have been interesting, but clearly written from the perspective of someone who is exploring something new, as opposed to becoming obsessive or maniacal about it.

Despite my views on guns, I have had first hand experience with them through my father. I shot his 22's routinely, and (on one occasion) his 30 Odd 6.

So, I'm not speaking from the perspective of a neophyte, but from my own views from the middle of the road.

You could probably teach me a few things about guns now that you have had some official training. The experience would not change my views in the greater perspective, but I keep an open mind.

I noticed you deleted one of your gun related posts recently - was your question in this post behind that?
If you're referring to the "What Kris Thinks About Guns" entry, its disappearance was unintentional. I apparently clicked the wrong button the last time I made a minor edit.

I didn't notice it was missing until I read your comment. Thanks.
To be completely honest, yeah, the gun posts did surprise me. I've always thought "gun people" were a little weird and I've never really thought of "shooting guns" as a fun hobby that regular people have. As a female, the appeal of shooting a gun is pretty much lost on me. But reading your posts, you don't strike me as fanatical or unsafe, just a guy who is looking for a hobby.
I came across your blog when I was taking flying lessons. My instructor and I were having some communication issues so I turned to the internet for help. I found some answers I needed in your entries about your experiences.

Your topics are always interesting and your recent entries about guns have been especially enlightening.

Several years ago I took a citizen’s police academy class. One night we were able to shoot the cops’ guns and I really enjoyed it. I wanted to pursue shooting as a hobby but I hesitated because I thought of gun people not only as scary, but as scary guys, and even cool guys don’t always seem to be completely OK with us women hanging around (I tested my hypothesis at the airport).

But you’ve inspired me to bite the bullet (har!) and check it out for myself. I’m now registered for a CCW class -- maybe I’ll become a gun person!
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