Tuesday, January 23, 2007


How the West Was Won

My Dad relayed a question from some game show he watched: "What 80's band had a hit with an album called 'How the West Was Won?'" The answers were multiple choice: The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, or The Rolling Stones. I confidently answered that it must be The Eagles, because I had all the albums from the other groups.

Dad said that the answer was Led Zeppelin. Since I had all of Led Zeppelin's albums, I was convinced that Dad must be having one of his "senior moments." But it turned out that, yes, indeed, a series of live 1972 Zeppelin performances was released a couple of years ago under that title, in 2005.

So I went out and bought "How the West Was Won" the following day. After all, I couldn't live knowing that my Dad knew more about Led Zeppelin that I did.

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