Friday, December 08, 2006


Who Likes American Men?

American women don't seem to like American men. As an American man, I find this discouraging. Are there women in the world who do like American men?

I've heard that German women like American men. I've also heard that Australian women like American men. So, should I move to Germany, or to Australia?

In Australia, they speak English, so I'm leaning that way. But that's a long way away, so if anyone can steer me toward another area of the world where women don't hate American men, I'd appreciate it.

Who likes American Men?

Well, I got flirted at by a Spanish woman the other day. For you, I'll spend some more time here in Brussels determining which other nationalities give me the time of day.
The Phillipines.
Icelandic women like American men, because Icelandic men don't chat them up, just take them home. Americans spend time. And Icelandic women are jaw-droppingly gorgeous.
Dude, you SO need to visit Australia. Don't let the distance dissuade you. Australia is a stunning, world class country. And the upside is, the women here are VERY good-looking. Natural, sun-kissed beauties. Visit Perth - wall-to-wall BABES. And yes, Aussie girls will be clamoring after you because they are smitten with and absolutely love American men.
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