Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Signing Off

I am ending my blog. For the past three years, this blog has served as a public outlet for my thoughts, but I've decided that it will be best to start keeping my thoughts to myself. My navel-gazing will be done privately or anonymously from now on.

Why the change of heart? I haven't suffered any negative consequence from my writings, and I don't have any big secrets to keep. However, I am getting frustrated with the process of writing personal articles for public consumption. I was once proud of the fact that I could write a blog with my real name on it, knowing that my parents, my colleagues, my bosses, and prospective employers/clients might be reading it. Now, I delete half of what I write due to concerns about how some readers will react, or the impression it could make on people who don't know me. I don't like censoring myself, so I'm just going to stop.

Also, a lot of what I write is crap. As I review old entries, I find very few that inspire pride. I can sum up my blog as "I hate my job, and computers suck, but flying is kinda fun." There is no need for more of that.

I reserve the right to change my mind and start blogging again if the spirit moves me, but for now, I'm saying good-bye. I appreciate all the comments and other contributions from my readers. It was nice to have a bunch of pen pals. Feel free to contact me via e-mail if you want to maintain correspondence. If you want to keep up with my interests, you can monitor my del.icio.us links page.

Thanks for your attention, and have a Happy 2007.

Bummer, I will miss reading your stuff.. I know what you mean about having to police your thoughts..

It is fun to read about the adventures of those who share many of the same interests. I hope you at least post what you have been up to every once in a while.

I look back at my 3 year old blog, and have similar lack of pride. I know where you are coming from.

It's been fun reading.. Thanks!
We all make crap entries every now and then, Kris.

I always miss any blog that goes away though, especially after you've been reading it for a while.

Through "everyday" blog entries you gain insight on the life of others, job experiences, hobbies, and the such. Even if you don't personally feel it's "quality" or of interest to yourself, others may disagree, and I agree with Josh - it's always interesting to share thoughts with those with similar interests.

That's how I came across your blog initially - you were a student pilot at the time, like myself.

I do understand how oversharing can come back to bite you in the ass though - I've run into this myself.

One more reason for perhaps keeping ones anonymity somewhat more - the ability to still speak freely off the top of your head in your blog without fear of your words returning.

In my career I don't have to worry about that as much, thankfully, and I do mind my words when it comes to writing about friends or familly.

I'll keep an eye peeled for updates on your blog, though. :)

Aw, nuts.

I'm going to miss your blog. You've been an inspiration for me.

I get what you mean though. When I first started Officemonkey I was working at home and I wanted to discuss what it was like to work at home, away from other people.

Almost as soon as I started, my job changed and I ended up working in an office again. As time went by, I felt I could talk less and less about what I did. Now I make a conscious effort not to mention work at all.

Which is kinda crummy, because I really like my work and I have definite opinions about it. So, instead about talking about the joys of public service and the woes of bureaucracy, I've limited myself to jokes about Belgian weather.

Anyhow, I admire your blog precisely because you were apparently blogging about whatever moved you. If you feel you can't do that anymore, then I certainly appreciate the frustration.

On the other hand, keep the blog as an outlet for whatever stuff that's on your mind. I'd still rather rather read "flying is kinda cool" or "motorcycles are dangerous but fun to drive" or whatever James Bond self-improvement you're working on...
I've enjoyed your blog, we have a fair amount in common so most of your content resonated with me.

Thanks for all the fish, and I hope you have a great 2007.

Thanks everyone for for the kind words.

I'm going through withdrawal symptoms. It will take a few weeks before I'll know whether I can stand live blog-free. If I can get "clean," maybe I'll feel good about starting it up again.

I'd like to write about the "James Bond self-improvement" stuff (as Sean calls it), but that stuff gives my Mom nightmares. I'm actually censoring myself for her benefit more than anyone else's. Maybe I need to start an anonymous blog to write about the "dangerous" stuff.
I've enjoyed reading your blog. I can understand why you've decided to stop, but I'm sorry to see you go!

I want to thank you for all your posts regarding your experiences as a student pilot. I have continued to check in to see what your up to from time to time.

If you ever find yourself in my neck of the woods feel free to get in touch, we'll go out for a flight and some beers... on me!

Take care and happy new year.

I really enjoyed reading your blog. I do understand about the frustrations of self-censorship on blogs. But, actually, one of the things I liked most about this blog was that it was a great example of an interesting blog that didn't give out too many personal details.

Your posts about flying were really informative. Honestly, those were some of the best examples of clear technical writing that I've come across. And as someone considering a career in the tech industry, it was interesting to get an insider's view into computer programming.

Anyway, I'll miss your blog and I hope you will change your mind about ending it. But if not, thanks for writing these past three years and good luck to you in the future.
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