Sunday, December 31, 2006


Signing Back On

You knew this couldn't last, didn't you?

I wrote my Signing Off entry because I thought I couldn't post the next entry (Handgun Safety Training). The Handgun Safety Training entry contains material that will cause some people to label me a gun nut, and others to label me a namby-pamby liberal sissy. I was willing to live with that from my online readers, but I was very concerned about reactions from my meatspace friends and family. I didn't want them to worry about me doing "dangerous" things, and I didn't want them to be afraid that I was turning into Eric Rudolph.

Feeling unable to blog about something that I found interesting really pissed me off. Long-time readers of my blog may have noticed a pattern where I say "I quit" whenever my frustration level hits the limit. That's a habit I need to break. I'm sorry that I said "I quit" to you guys.

I've decided "@#$% it, I'm gonna post that entry." (Uh-oh, there's some of that self-censorship again.)

And now back to your irregularly scheduled self-indulgent narcissism . . .

Welcome back!

Funny, One of my friends is a liberal- gun nut-pilot guy.

I keep telling him he needs to get his own blog, because all of the right wing conservatives keep booting him off the gun forums for being a commie pinko..
I predicted you would be back once you edited your last post to include your delicious link.

I have to say, I checked your delicious pages and I was really surprised. I had to check to make sure I really had your account.

I'm really glad you decided to blog about this. Like many of your posts, you gave a lot of insight into this 'new world'. You've got a nice gift for describing whatever new scene you're checking out.

I also think this would be a really good feature article in a local paper or a on-line magazine like Salon. I've read much much worse in "the Reader", the Chicago free-weekly.

Anyway, welcome back, Mr. Bond.
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