Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Staying the Course

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about an opportunity for a high-pay high-responsibility job. I decided to pass.

It was really a pretty easy decision, once I stopped asking myself "What would be the smart thing to do?" and just asked myself "What do I want to do?" I do want a job like that someday, but I'm not ready to take one now. If I really deserve such an opportunity, I'll get another one.

I had a few sleepless nights over the decision. My fear was that my programming career has already "peaked," but that I've been reluctant to recognize that fact. I've dismissed that fear. After 25 years of programming, I still haven't written a program I'm really proud of, so I must still be on the way up.

Besides, I like being the president, director, and sole shareholder of a corporation. I'd have to give all that up if I took a real job.

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