Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Second Contracting Gig

I finished my first gig last Friday. I hope I did more good than harm.

Monday I started my second gig. I am doing work for my former employer—the employer I left two months ago.

Why am I going back to them? Won't I hate working for them as much as I did before? I think it will work out. I'll be making more money, working whatever hours I want, often at home, and being a contractor means I can say "No" to assignments easier than I could before. I'll get to work with people I know I like to work with, and I'll have more freedom while doing it.

In spite of the fact that I just left two months ago, I still had to go through a background check, drug screen, etc. After two days, I still don't have access to the company network, because they are still waiting for the background check to be completed. This is frustrating, because I've been asking for a few weeks whether there was any more paperwork to do, and they didn't tell me anything until last week.

The office is quieter than it used to be. The company has had layoffs during the past couple of weeks, so there are a lot of empty cubicles, and the remaining employees aren't talking much. Maybe after time passes, things will get lively again.

I've been assigned to lead the re-design and re-implementation of some communications infrastructure software. The guys who have been handling its maintenance tell me "It's really horrible." That sounds very familiar.

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