Saturday, November 18, 2006


Really, Really Short Hair

My last haircut was a bit of a shock at first, but I started to like it after a few days, and it got good reviews from other people. So, back in my home town with my regular barber, I asked for another short hair cut.

My Dad had told my barber the story of my haircut a few weeks ago, and the barber told him to let me know that he'd be glad to "fix it" whenever it grew back out. However, today the barber told me he had often thought about suggesting a shorter cut. My hair is very fine and straight, so it tends to stand on end as if I'm touching a Van de Graaff generator. I have to use gel or other products to keep it from doing that. Cutting it really short is a simpler solution to the problem.

The NYC stylist had left the top and front of my hair at its normal length, so there was still something there to part and style a bit. My barber suggested a uniform short length. That made sense to me. What the hell, it's only hair.

So my barber took out his clippers and sheared me.

I haven't decided whether I like the result. While my last haircut was basically a really short version of the cut I've had for the past 20 years, the new cut is a more radical change. The shape and silhouette of my head is different. I joked about looking like a Marine after my last haircut—now I really do look like a Marine.

One of my mannerisms is to sweep my hand through my hair. Now that there is nothing to sweep, I feel silly every time I do it. I hope I can break that habit.

A benefit of the new cut is that my head feels really nice. The short fine hair is like having a fur coat on top of my head. I hope women will have uncontrollable urges to run their fingers through my hair.

The other benefits are that I will no longer need to comb my hair, or apply gel, or do anything else with it. I probably won't even need to shampoo it more than a couple of times a week.

My Mom doesn't like it. I'll have to solicit some more opinions. But as before, there will be no pictures on this site.

At about the age of 13 or 14 I did the exact same thing. It was shocking to the entire familly, especially considering I took it upon myself to ask for the cut, instead of it being suggested by my parents.

Best decision ever.

I'm now going on about year 15 with a brushcut, and the entirely maintenance free experience is nice.
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