Sunday, November 19, 2006


My TV Schedule

My mother is always shocked to discover that I'm not watching "Dancing with the Stars," "Survivor," "Deal or No Deal," or other popular shows that she thinks everybody watches. "What do you watch?" she asks, as if I'm from another planet.

I wish I could say that I have a wide variety of other interests that prevent me from wasting time watching television. Unfortunately, that't not true. I watch a lot of TV, and I wonder why I never have time to do anything else.

Anyway, here are the shows I'm watching regularly, in no particular order:

Aside from those regularly scheduled programs, I also watch a lot of old movies on Turner Classic Movies (TCM). Basically, every week, I use my TiVo to go through the upcoming week's schedule, and I record every movie with a three-star-or-better rating which I have not already seen and which is not a musical. I don't watch most of what I record, but I've always got something available.

I also have a Netflix account, so I watch two or three DVDs a week. About half of those DVDs are movies; the other half are classic TV shows. Upcoming DVDs in my queue are Hammer horror films and Babylon 5 episodes.

Any time HBO replays episodes of "Deadwood," I'm there.

I'd estimate I watch about 30 hours of TV per week. That means the real number is probably 40-50. Yes, I know: I need to get a life.

Can I recommend HBO's "The Wire"? In my opinion it's one of the best shows on TV.

Start with the first season on DVD from Netflix and I'm betting that you'll be a fan by the second disc of episodes.

Besides the multiple storylines, the Wire has another distinction: it's the most diverse cast on television.
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