Sunday, October 08, 2006


Really Short Hair

For the past 15 years, I've had a regular barber that see once a month. I'm happy with his work, but I've been up in NYC for a few weeks, so I had to get my hair cut here.

The mall next to my corporate apartment has three barber shops. I couldn't detect any difference between them, so I chose the one with the cutest girl at the front desk. (I'm open to suggestions about how to make a better choice in the future.)

My hair style is pretty simple: straight, parted on the right. The stylist asked me how I wanted my hair, and I told her to take about half an inch off, all around.

She took out some clippers, put a guard on them, and started shearing my head. I immediately suspected a miscommunication. She apparently thought I wanted just half an inch of hair remaining all around. There was no point in stopping her once she started, so I just watched as big clumps of hair fell from my head.

Now I look like I've joined the Marines. It's no big deal: the hair will grow back in a few weeks, and right now it doesn't look that bad. You know how in military films, all the actors are almost bald, except for Harrison Ford or Tom Cruise, who just have really short versions of their normal movie-star haircuts? Mine is like that. It's not bad—it's just different.

The shortness of my hair makes the gray a lot more pronounced. I don't know whether it makes me look more distinguished, or just old.

Don't ask for pictures.

[Update: My mother and my sister-in-law both say they like how my hair looks.]

Come on.... give us at least one pic.
I agree. This requires documentary evidence.

BTW, the best way to find a barber is to look at someone with a 'good haircut' (aka someone whose haircut fits their style) and ask them where they get their hair cut.

Picking a place by how hawt the receptionist is leads to dissapointment. That is unless you ask for a date with the receptionist, and then it's up to her....
What Seano said.... picking a place because of a hottie sitting out front can lead to disappointment.

I mean you could go in there looking a for a simple trim and end up with a brush cut..... too funny.

Sorry, I had to.
All three shops had attractive young women at the front desk. My choice was essentially a coin flip. I think I got the typical level of haircut quality that you can get for $14 at a suburban mall hairstylist.

I'm getting used to the new look and feel of my head. It's still a little strange to feel the breeze against the back of my head.
Over the years given experience with my kids, I've discovered that the cuteness of the person at the desk, or the "stylists" themselves is frequently inversely proportional to their level of skill.

I go to an old cranky italian barber who has been cutting my hair for 25 years or more...I forget.

I don't know what I'm going to do when he retires. I tried a haircut somewhere else recently myself due to lack of time to travel to his location, and I too was horrified at the results.
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