Monday, September 04, 2006


The Quest for a Silent PC

My Windows PC is really loud. I mean REALLY LOUD. I don't like noise, and this PC is really noisy.

I bought a Nexus NX-4090 "really silent" power supply, hoping that it would be quieter than the stock power supply that came with my PC chassis. I opened up my PC, removed the old power supply, unplugged all the power cables, and then plugged in all the new cables for the new power supply, and screwed in the new one.

The outcome: My PC is just as noisy as it used to be.

So, wherever the noise is coming from, it's not the power supply. The other probable candidates are the CPU cooling fan and the hard drives. The Nexus cost me $100; I'm not sure how much more I am willing to spend on other components.

Last Christmas I bought a Dell Optiplex GX620. My prior computer was homemade, and it made the bedroom sound like the engine room of a battleship. This Dell is, as near as I can tell, silent. Certainly I can literally hear a pin dropped on top of it.
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