Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Hardest Button to Button

One of the sad things about growing up is that you no longer get to sit around all day listening to music with your friends. Sure, I sometimes wear headphones at work, and I'll catch music on the radio in the car once in a while, but most of what I hear is the same music I was listening to twenty years ago.

It's frustrating when I happen to catch a new song I like, but can't find out the name of the song or of the band. My friends are no help—they suffer from the same Old-Person-Cluelessness Syndrome I do. I guess I could try to ask their kids, but it's embarrassing to ask a teenager "What's the name of that song that goes 'da-na-na-na DA-NA-NA-NA'?"

I caught "The Simpsons" last night, and the White Stripes appeared playing one of those Really Cool Songs I Could Not Identify But Would Buy If I Could. I have a couple of White Stripes albums, but didn't realize they played this song.

So now I know it's a White Stripes song, but what's the name of it? My first strategy was to go to the iTunes Music Store, and listen to a few seconds of each song of each White Stripes album I didn't own. I couldn't identify it. It turns out that all White Stripes songs sound alike if you listen to just a couple of seconds of each one.

My next strategy was to Google for "white stripes simpsons". This gave me a link to a YouTube video for the scene from the Simpsons episode:

That page contained links to other videos related to the White Stripes (and the Simpsons). After viewing a few of them, I found the song I was looking for. Here's the video for The White Stripes "Hardest Button to Button:"

I imagine a lot of people got very tired carrying around drum kits and amplifier cabinets during the making of that video.

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