Wednesday, September 27, 2006


First Merge

After a few days of waiting for my client's layers of bureaucracy to do whatever it is they do, I finally have access to the company's e-mail, instant messaging, and source code repository systems. I don't have VPN access yet, so I can't work from outside the office, but they say that's coming. It's only been a week; you can't expect these things to happen overnight.

With access to the source repository, I got to make my first contribution of code to the build. Technically, this isn't true: I've e-mailed changes to others on the team who have incorporated them into the build. But today was the first time I got to do a merge on my own. I feel like I'm a productive worker now.

This client uses Subversion. This is my first opportunity to use it on a project, and I like it a lot. Its branching/tagging mechanism is very easy to use and to understand. I've been using CVS for my personal projects, and advocating its use whenever anyone asks for a version-control solution, but I'm going to start using and recommending Subversion instead.

The group has a policy of not allowing any commits to the trunk after 3:00 PM. This gives ample time to fix any issues found in the daily afternoon build without keeping anybody late. I like this policy.

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