Friday, September 08, 2006


Another Bridge Behind Me, Unburned

Today was my last day of employment. I didn't have much to do. I had a nice sushi lunch, paid for by my soon-to-be-former coworkers, cleaned all the incriminating evidence from my computers, sat through my exit interview, then turned in all my keys, credit cards, and equipment.

I live just three miles away from the office, and I'm not moving away, so I expect to see all those people at lunch or at the poker table once in a while. It's also likely I'll be doing some contract work for my former employer. So it wasn't really a "goodbye" kind of day. It was more like the last day of school before summer vacation.

I'm now self-employed. It feels a lot like being unemployed.

There has been a snag getting my contract gig started, so I may have an unplanned vacation next week. But I'm not worried—even if it falls through, I have other options.

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