Monday, August 28, 2006


Self-Employed Again

I had nice, stable, full-time permanent employment, but today I gave my two weeks' notice so that I could accept a contracting gig. Maybe I didn't learn anything from my failed contracting career.

This didn't come out of the blue. I made the decision to leave my current job a few months ago. My latest project finished about a month ago, so I was able to start looking for work.

The timing of the offer was pretty good. I was on vacation last week, and now I have two weeks of not-really-doing-anything, including a three-day weekend, before the new job starts. It's almost like having three weeks off from my old job, except for all the stuff I need to do to prepare for the new job.

I've already bought a new MacBook and other computer equipment, knowing that I'd use it all for work (and that I'd get to write it off). Now I need to take care of getting a business license, medical insurance, accounting software, and all that other stuff that small business owners need to do.

Do I expect this time to be different from the last time I tried going independent? Yes. The economic climate is better, and I have a couple of reliable sources of future work. I'm also ridiculously optimistic.

Congradulations Kris. Good luck on the new venture.
Good job Kris! This should be a great fit for you.
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