Friday, August 18, 2006


MacBook, Take 2

After work, I stopped by the Apple Store and bought a new MacBook. Due to a promotion, I also got an HP Photosmart C4180 printer/scanner/copier for only $20 (after rebate). The whole transaction took about five minutes. I wish I'd thought of this yesterday, instead of spending half an hour at the Genius Bar.

When I turned on the MacBook for the first time, the Apple logo appeared but there was no chime. Then when the Getting Started video started playing, there was no sound. Uh-oh, not again! But a few seconds into the video, the speakers suddenly started working.

During the setup, I couldn't connect to the Internet via my wireless network. Uh-oh, not again! But after power-cycling my DSL modem and router, it worked.

I was pleased to see the battery indicator in the menu bar. No "X" yet.

So now I'm downloading software updates again. Then I'll install Xcode again, and copy all my applications over again, and set all my preferences again, and so on. I'm just hoping I don't have to take this back to the Apple Store again.

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