Wednesday, August 16, 2006


MacBook Arrived

The refurbished MacBook I ordered about a week ago arrived today. I'm happy.

I don't know how the brand-new MacBooks are packaged, but this refurbished model came in a plain brown box, with very little on the inside other than the notebook, the power adapter, a power extension cord, and a CD-sized box containing the user's guide, OS X Install disk, and a few other bits of paper.

I plugged it in, turned it on, answered a few questions (which wireless network to connect to, my name, etc.), and then I was good to go. Total time from opening the box to having a working computer was about five minutes. A lot of that time was spent unwrapping the twist ties from the power cords, and letting the MacBook take snapshots of me for use as my user picture.

It's downloading the system updates now. Here are my immediate plans:

I have only one complaint so far: I didn't notice before that the MacBook keyboard has only one Ctrl key. This will make it difficult to use vi or Emacs. I guess I'll have to adapt.

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