Sunday, August 13, 2006


Horror Movie Actors

I name my home computers after dead horror movie actors. My current machines are named karloff, lugosi, rathbone, and barty.

My new MacBook needs a name that fits the scheme. Here are the names I'm considering:

I've rejected chaney and schreck, because while I enjoy their work, the names just don't seem right. I'd really like to name a machine after Elsa Lanchester (Bride of Frankenstein), but lanchester is just too long, and elsa wouldn't fit the scheme.

cushing is currently my favorite, although price seems fitting for an Apple product. If anyone has any other suggestions, please comment.

arness named after James Arness who played 'the Thing'.

Sadly, he's not dead. WTF, go with elsa. You know what they say about foolish consistencies and hobgoblins, right?
I'm not going to give my computer a woman's first name. It would mark me as being even geekier than I actually am.
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