Monday, July 17, 2006


iMac Fixed at the Apple Store

After two weeks out of town, I finally had an opportunity to take my malfunctioning iMac G5 to the local Apple Store for repair. I expected that I'd just have to drop it off there, and then in a week or two I'd be able to pick it up.

When I got to the store, I was asked to sign up for an appointment at the Genius Bar. This can be done online, but I figured the Genius Bar was for people trying to figure out how to get their Anne Murray collections onto their iPods, not for hardware repairs. It was 11:15, and the next open appointment was not available until noon, so I spent 45 minutes looking at MacBooks. I came really, really close to buying one, but my will didn't break.

Promptly at noon, my name was called and I explained my problem. The tech took my iMac to the back room, and I spent about fifteen minutes sitting at the bar. A lot of that time was spent listening to a conversation between a customer who just wanted to drop off an iMac for service, and a manager who kept explaining that they don't let people just drop off machines without talking to a tech to ensure that there is an adequate description of the problem and that basic troubleshooting has been done. The guy got irate, repeatedly saying "I can't wait around all day." Finally, the guy said he'd just have his daughter bring it in herself, and left with a sour look on his face.

The tech returned with my Mac, saying she had replaced the power supply. Then there was some paperwork to do, which took about as long as the repair did, and then I was on my way. Total repair+paperwork time: 30 minutes (not including the 45-minute wait). No charge.

I'm typing this blog entry on the iMac, and it appears to be working fine. In fact, I am amazed at how quiet it is now. Apple's original ads for the iMac G5 all claimed that it was "whisper quiet," but my experience has been that the iMac is as noisy as any other computer. Now, it really is silent. I guess the power supply has been overheating all along.

So anyway, I'm happy. Now I just wonder how many days I can hold out before I have to buy myself a new MacBook.

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