Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Status Report

A few people have asked why I'm not blogging anymore. I haven't stopped blogging, but I really haven't had anything to say. (Of course, it could be argued that I have never had anything to say.)

I spent three weeks on the road, and that trip took a lot out of me. Work has been very frustrating. My boss has ordered me to take a few days off. I was one click away from booking a trip to Nassau, but I don't have much fun traveling by myself, so I decided to just stay at home instead.

It's been just over a month since my parachute jump. My knee still hurts a little, but I think it will be fine in a few more weeks. I don't think I'll be pursuing skydiving again in the near future, but I may give it another try someday.

I've signed up for a basic motorcycle riding class, so maybe motorcycling will be my next "thing." Don't worry, Mom, during the class we won't go out in the street, and I'll always wear my helmet.

Every motorcycle rider I've talked to has a story or two about getting hurt. Pilots all have stories about times they were concerned about the possibility of a crash, but motorcyclists all have stories of actual crashes. It seems that if you ride a motorcycle, you are practically guaranteed to suffer some injuries. I'm not a big fan of injury, no matter how minor, so I'm not currently planning to buy one.

I'm taking the class just in case I need to flee from villains, and a motorcycle is the only means of escape. Action heroes like me find themselves in such situations all the time, so I need to be prepared.

Yes, Last time I tried to escape via motorcycle, I crashed into a barn. My friends will never let be live that down. It is probably worth taking a class just to avoid that embaressment.

Good to see you are still alive and kickin'
I took one of the MSF beginners courses a year or 2 ago. Was a lot of fun, even if you don't plan to buy one it can be a interesting way to spend the weekend.
I drove motorcycles when I was younger... and yes I have a crash story or two.

After I wrap up my pilots licence I plan on getting another one.

Careful, motorcycling can be as addictive as flying... and IMHO it's more dangerous.
I too have crashed bikes, and everyone I know who rides bikes has crashed them. My first crash was straight into a holly hedge which had the benefit of stopping any forward movement but the downside was being covered in spiky holly leaves in my face and arms, kind of like a natural acupuncture therapy. However the good thing about bikes is riding around at breakneck speeds in the middle of the summer, great fun!
Ha! We're going to scare Kris away from Motorcycling before he even gets started!

I used to own one as well, and I had a crash on it. 44 stitches to put me back together. The person who cut me off didn't have a scratch.

The day after getting my last cast off I was right back on it though (after it was put back together).

I ended up selling it a few years later when I began to feel it was stupid to keep paying high insurance on a bike I was really only getting to ride a few months out of the year (due to our Canadian weather) and even then, sometimes only on weekends.

It was fun, but I'd buy my own plane before I'd ever buy another Bike..although I'll admit it's tempting sometimes.
I knew I could count on you all to give my Mom nightmares. Thanks to you all, and Happy Mother's Day, Mom!
Maybe you should classes might be nice and maybe you'll meet Miss Right!!

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