Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Power Razor Problem

A couple of months ago, I wrote about how much I liked my new Gillette Fusion Power razor. I still like it, but I have hit a snag.

Yesterday morning, the motor stopped running. I didn't consider it to be a big deal, as it still had the original battery. I just put in a new battery, and it worked fine while I finished my shave.

But then this morning, it stopped again, after just a minute or so. I tried turning it back on, but the little power light would just flash and the motor would stop after a few seconds. I swapped in yet another new battery, but that didn't help.

I used my best hardware-diagnostic techniques (blowing on the contacts and rapping the unit against the counter a few times), but it was dead. I left it sitting for a few hours, thinking that maybe some water got somewhere that it's not supposed to go, but it's still dead.

I like the razor enough that I bought a replacement. I did some Google searches trying to discover whether this is a common problem, but I didn't see any other reports. So for now, I'm willing to accept that I was just unlucky.

The nice thing about a razor like this is that, when the motor stops, it's still a perfectly serviceable razor. It works almost as well unpowered as it does powered. In contrast, when my electric shaver quits halfway through a shave, I have to go out into the world half-shaven.

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