Friday, March 03, 2006


Ooh, That Smell

When I returned from a two-week business trip, I found a strange odor in my apartment. I assumed it was just stale air, and hoped everything would get better when I turned the air conditioning back on. It didn't. It's a dusty, musty sort of smell. It's not really a strong smell, but it's not pleasant.

I've checked the fridge, the garbage, the toilets, the sinks and shower drains, and every other potential smell generator in the place, but none seems to be the source. There's no room where the smell seems stronger than anywhere else.

I've used a lot of air freshener, but the smell keeps returning. I'm starting to suspect it's something in the ventilation system. Maybe something died in there.

Before I take the step of calling the apartment management, I'll take even more drastic action: I'll clean my apartment.

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