Friday, February 10, 2006


Power Razor

I've used an electric shaver for most of my adult life. I've got sensitive skin, and have always had problems getting a comfortable shave with razor blades. The electric shaver is comfortable and convenient.

However, I've always wanted to use a real razor, because it gives a closer shave, because it doesn't have to be kept charged, and because it just seems more gentlemanly. Every year or two, I buy a state-of-the-art razor and give it a try. Gillette and Schick are constantly introducing new supposedly-improved razor systems, which multiple blades, spring-loaded heads, lubricating strips, special shaving gels, and all sorts of other stuff. Of course, the new stuff is never that much better, but as a gadget freak, I like to give it a try.

How many of you are old enough to remember when the Trac-II razor first appeared? TV ads had a graphic demonstration of how the two blades worked together, with the first one stretching the whisker so that the second blade could cut it close. Saturday Night Live had a parody ad where they demonstrated a four-bladed razor, which was obviously ridiculous. Or was it? Now, four- and five-blade razors are really being sold.

A few years ago, they also started introducing "power" to razors, which means there is a little motor that makes the blade vibrate. This feature sounded a little silly to me, but I decided to give the new five-blade Gillette Fusion Power razor a try. I also bought the new Gillette Fusion HydraGel, which is of course recommended for all Fusion razor systems. (Yeah, I know, I'm a marketer's dream.) I figured this would give me the chance to try all the silly features all at once, dismiss them, and go back to my electric shaver until the next breakthrough in razor technology.

Guess what? The thing actually works! I've been pleasantly surprised. I get a nice close shave, without the rash or little pinpricks of blood that I usually get with razor blades.

The only thing I don't like about the razor is the flourescent-orange color scheme. It looks like a ladies' razor to me. I'd like to see the marketing research that demonstrated that men want bright, colorful razors.

Anyway, that's my little metrosexual moment. Don't worry—I won't start giving reviews of hair products or moisturizers or other such things. I just wanted to note a technological improvement. The engineers toiling in the razor industry, working to give men the close comfortable shaves they've been seeking for centuries, deserve a little bit of gratitude.

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I laugh everytime the old Saturday Night Live skit comes up.. :-)
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You listen to Adam Curry's podcast also.
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