Monday, February 06, 2006


Permanent Pilot Certificate

I finally received my permanent pilot certificate in the mail today. I've officially been a private pilot since I turned off the engine at the end of my checkride, but at that time all I got was temporary certificate, which is just a paper form with typewritten information on it.

In contrast, the permanent certificate looks a bit like a credit card, but much more governmental. You can see an example of the front and of the back. (Those are the Wright brothers in the background, if you're wondering.)

If you want to see mine, just ask. It's pretty. Shiny. Oooooh.

But have you actually been out exercising your privledges recently?
Nah, I just want the cool wallet card.

Actually, I flew quite a bit during December. I only flew once during January, with the scuba lessons and other things taking my time, but I hope to keep flying at least once or twice a month.

I hope to get checked out on the school's new glass-cockpit Archer III some time this month.
Cool. No blog entries about it though!

The weather must definately be better where you are - it's been a dismal failure of a winter up here as far as flying is concerned.

I've got a flight scheduled tommorow though to take up my first passenger..

Surpringly, the weather doesn't look like it's going to close in on this point. :)
That's so much nicer than what we get up here in Canada. All we get is a crappy looking peice of paper, it's not even laminated...
Wright Brothers? They look more like the Guinness Guys...

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