Sunday, February 12, 2006


On My Way to Blairsville

While doing some web surfing, I ran across a photo of one of the planes I fly. And I'm inside the plane!

Kris in N4363D

A check of the date of the photo (12/7/2005) and my logbook indicate that I was on my way to Blairsville (46A) when that picture was taken. I remember the flight. Blairsville is in a small valley, with a nearby lake. It was a pretty day. It was about two and a half weeks after I became a Private Pilot, so I was still very excited about being able to fly wherever I wanted whenever I wanted.

By the way, N4363D is the plane in which I did the following:

She's still my favorite plane.

Proud to be a part of your aviation adventure and being your first passenger! Love the picture!
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