Monday, February 27, 2006


Back Home

I'm back from a two-week trip. My apartment is right here where I left it, and I've restocked the refrigerator with fresh food. Now I just need to figure out what's causing the strange smell that now permeates the place.

Two weeks isn't that long, but after working thirteen eleven-hour days on a creaky old office chair in an old warehouse, I'm really glad to be back. This is neither the longest nor the hardest trip I've had, but the older I get, the less tolerance I have for hotel furniture, rental cars, and being unable to use the restroom without borrowing someone's security badge.

We were on-site to put the finishing touches on software that is going into testing this week. In the software world, "finishing touches" often means "rewrite the whole thing from scratch in two weeks because what we've got is completely unusable," but this time, things turned out pretty well. It's not 100% complete, and I'm sure the testers will find some problems, but this is the best initial-release software I've seen at this company. Maybe we really are getting better at this.

The functional spec for the software is supposed to be complete in a couple of weeks. Then we'll know what we should have been doing for the past four months, and what we were supposed to deliver yesterday.

Right down the street from our workplace was a good Italian restaurant. We ate there almost every day. It was nice, but we've all noticed that our pants got a lot tighter during the trip. Next trip, I'll have to take my running shoes along.

I was looking forward to watching the episodes of 24 and other shows I missed, on TiVo. Unfortunately, my satellite receiver apparently locked up a few days after I left, so my TiVo is filled with twenty hours of a blank screen with "Channel 882 Regular Schedule" displayed at the top. Bummer.

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