Monday, January 09, 2006


Diver's Knife

A standard piece of equipment for every scuba diver is a knife. Aficionados of action-adventure movies might think that these are a diver's primary uses for a knife:

In fact, the primary reason to carry a knife is to be able to free oneself after getting tangled up in fishing line or a rope. I wonder how many drowned divers were found trapped in fishing line before someone thought, "Hey, maybe we should carry knives."

For an illustration of a diver with a knife, I highly recommend looking at Ursula Andress from Dr. No. (You are looking at the knife, right?)

Linkie 403.

Now I've gotta Google it to oogle it. :)
Interesting. It worked for me, and the image was still cached for that URL, but after clearing my cache I now get "Forbidden" when I try to get it.

I think I did a Google image search for '"ursula andress" "dr. no"' to find it the first time. Happy searching!
I've updated the link with one that seems to work.

Good thing too. I was really starting to regret clearing that cached image.
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