Monday, January 09, 2006


Am I an Idiot?

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Google, who was looking for new recruits. I spoke to the pre-screen interviewer, who asked a few questions to determine if I was smart enough to talk to one of the real Google engeineers. I passed that test, but then cancelled the interview with the Google engineer when it conflicted with aoother appointment.

Working for Google would have been kinda cool, but after a lot of reflection, it lost its appeal. I would have had to move to Mountain View, California, which I'm sure is a wonderful place, but is far away from my family and other people I love. It was the kind of job where I would have a beeper, and if the beeper went off, I'd be expected to drop whatever I was doing and go into the Googleplex.

I'm sure I made the right decision, for me, but if anyone wants to tell me how stupid I was to turn down a chance to work at Google, here is your opportuniity.

You know.. I did the same thing about a year ago. At the time.. I just couldn't bring myself to move to the peoples republic of california. I'm sure it's a great place.. but way too expensive to live out there.. and too many nut jobs.. (a few in my own family.)

Now.. a year or so later..I'm starting a new job with a company that is based out of sunnyvale.. just down the road from google. The difference is.. it's a telecommuting job.. so I can live anywhere.. but I am all too keenly aware that one of these days I might have to move out there to move up in this company... so.. who knows.. you can only take it day by day. =] Don't be too hard on yourself... besides.. have you seen the airspace out there??
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