Friday, January 20, 2006



I celebrated my 39th birthday this week, if the term "celebrate" can mean "sit alone at home and watch TV just like every other night." Because my birthday is in January, I do Birthday Resolutions instead of New Year's Resolutions. After all, that gives me a couple more weeks to figure out what it is I want to do with the coming year.

I've got one year to do all the things I want to do before I turn 40. But there's nothing I want to do. Yeah, I'd like to get into better shape, be smarter with my money, clean out my closets, find a better job, and the other typical stuff, but I know that none of these wants are engaging enough to hold my attention for a year.

So, I really don't have anything to write about, but I wanted to record this so that I can look at it next year and be comforted that I didn't fail to accomplish any of my goals.

I know some people will probably wish me a Happy Birthday, let me wish you all a Happy Birthday as well, whenever it is.

Here's a good hack for getting your closet cleaned out...

When you clean your clothes and put them on hangers, always put them on the left side of the closet rod. Keep shoving other clothes to the right to free up space.

At the end of 6 months, all your 'favorite' clothes will be on the left side, and the crap that you never wear will be on the right. Weed out the crap and repeat in six months.
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