Saturday, December 03, 2005


Other Dreams

With the learn-to-fly-an-airplane dream met, I've been wondering what I should do next. Of course, there is always more to learn with the airplane, and I'm pretty sure I will go for an instrument rating and other advanced ratings, but I'd like to pursue some non-aviation-related dreams as well.

Unfortunately, life isn't long enough to do everything I'd like to do, so I need to prioritize. I'm brainstorming to figure out what other dreams I want to satisfy. Here's the list I have so far:

The surfing thing is foremost in my mind right now. Unfortunately, it's not the right time of the year to start. Maybe I should take a vacation in Australia.

Good plan.... At least you got the most expensive dream out of the way first.
I think the wife-and-kids plan will be a lot harder and more expensive than flying.
A lot of pilots enjoy scuba diving.
How about motorcycling? Lots of pilots I know are into that.
Its always good to have a dream. When my son left for college (GaTech), I wanted him to get involved in a team sport. I figure intramural tennis, golf, something like that. He chose Skydiving, and is a meber of the Airlock Team. Can't say that I would do it, but he loves it.

From someone who knows how great you are with kids, I'd move the wife/kids to a spot higher on the list. Your nieces (and I) would also love to have more kids around at family gatherings. The other goals do sound fun, though, and would probably be easier to do without kids.
I agree with Scuba Diving. It requires math, charts, and preplanning. On the other hand, there's an amazing world of fishies down there.

It's also a social activity for introverts. You have to have a buddy to dive, but you can't communicate with them during the dive.

As for the wife and kids plan, seek a spouse with the same temperment and similar interests, especially if you want a family. Sooo... I suggest you look for a female blogger/wikipedian that knows forth and wants to be a pilot. I hear there's one that lives in Latvia... :-O
I added scuba to my list. It's something I considered back in high-school/college years. I remember someone coming into our class, showing us the scuba gear, and saying something like "it's like being an astronaut."

Motorcycling has always struck me as being crazy. I have a lot of respect for people that do it, but I'd never do it myself. The airplane easily satisfies my fast-vehicle-that-can-kill-me quota.

Sean, if you have the phone number of that Latvian woman who is perfect for me, please pass it along.
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