Monday, December 05, 2005


Back to Work

For the past several months, I've been working part-time. This gave me a couple of days per week to take flying lessons and generally screw around. Next week, I go back to a full-time schedule. This is both good and bad.

The best part is that I'll go from making 60% of my full-time salary to 100% of my full-time salary. Another way to think about it is that I'm getting a 60% raise.

Going from four days off per week to two days off per week is obviously the bad part, but it's not all bad. Working part-time has been frustrating in many ways. It doesn't seem like I get anything done. I don't get invited to important meetings. I haven't been involved in any important projects. I've felt guilty going home for my long weekends when I know my co-workers are working 60-hour weeks. So, I hope that going back full-time will make me feel more productive and like part of the team again.

But I know I'll be complaining about full-time work in a few weeks. Life would be so much nicer without all these damned jobs.

Doesn't that calculate to a 40% increase?
To make the math easy, let's pretend my original salary was $100K/year. When I went part-time, it dropped to $60K, which was a 40% decrease.

But, if we start from $60K and go up to $100K, then that would be a 66% increase, because $40K is 66% of $60K.

So I was wrong when I said 60%, but the real value is higher, not lower.
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