Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Too Slow; Too Fast

For several weeks, I been handling complaints about some software for which I'm responsible. I'm "responsible" in the sense that I've been assigned to fix any problems, not in the sense that I had anything to do with its creation.

For most of those weeks, the complaint was that it was too slow.

This week, I'm getting complaints that it is too fast. Why would someone complain that it's too fast? Another system component is unable to handle incoming connections at the faster rate.

Here's the funny thing: I haven't changed anything.

So I'm going to handle this new complaint by doing nothing. Maybe it will magically slow down to a speed people won't complain about. Or, more likely, half the people will continue to complain that it is still too slow, while the other half complain that it is now too fast, but I can just let them argue with one another and I'll stay out of it.

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