Sunday, November 06, 2005


Taking Requests

I promised I'd do the following (and I'm not going to explain any further):


The name should be blinking. If you are using Internet Explorer, it won't blink. This is a case where IE provides a superior experience to other browsers.

Jwz has never apologized for <blink>.

Damn him.
I fail to see how IE not implementing the <blink> tag makes it superior. Especially given that KDE's Konqueror browser also doesn't make that text blink. Furthermore, Firefox has a config option (browser.blink_allowed) which allows the user to enable it or disable it; that is, they user has the choice as to whether or not to allow blinking. That seems superior to me. :)
No blinky on Safari.

Yes blinky on Firefox.

It's good to know that Firefox has the ability to disable the blink.

I was going to remark that I haven't seen a blink tag on a webpage in several years, but since IE and Safari (my two main browsers for the past half-dozen years) don't blink, I wouldn't know a blink tag if it hit me on the head.
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