Monday, November 14, 2005


Study Plan

I should be studying every aviation-related piece of literature I have in my possession, in preparation for the test on Friday. I should also be eating healthy foods and getting more exercise. I'm only half-heartedly doing any of those things. I feel bad about that, but what can I do?

In an effort to be at least partially constructive, I've looked through the Practical Test Standards (PTS) to see what areas of knowledge I need to be ready to discuss in the oral exam, and have studied notes from my instructors that identify my weak areas. Here's how I plan to devote my aviation study time this week:

Monday: aeromedical factors, airspace classes and minimums, runway markings and lighting

Tuesday: weather and aviation weather services, study "my" airplane's flight manual, systems

Wednesday: fill out Form 8710-1, thoroughly review all the maneuvers and checklists, and do some "chair flying"

Thursday: fly with my instructor, plan the cross-country flight for the checkride, review airworthiness requirements

Friday morning: arrive at the airport a couple hours early so that I can review the airplane's documents and maintenance logs and all the other paperwork. Get a weather briefing. Then panic.

So there. I have a study plan. Now I'll start following it. Right after I read a few more blogs . . .

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