Friday, November 18, 2005


Private Pilot Checkride

I had my checkride today for the private pilot certificate. If you're interested in knowing how I did, please send $1.00 to my PayPal account.

I kid. The test went fine, and I am now the proud holder of a Temporary Airman Certificate, granting me the privileges of a Private Pilot, with an Airplane Single Engine Land rating. The permanent certificate should arrive in a few months.

I've read other people's detailed accounts of their checkrides, and I've found them tedious, so I'm not going to write a blow-by-blow account. I'll just sum it up by saying the experience wasn't too bad. The dread and hopelessness I felt when I got up this morning, after a almost-sleepless night, were unfounded.

For you student pilots approaching your own checkrides, I'll just recommend that you relax and remember that the examiner really does want you to pass. Minor mistakes will be forgiven as long as the examiner has a sense that you are a safe pilot.

I'll also recommend that you schedule your checkride for a day with perfect weather, like I had. It makes that go/no-go decision pretty easy. Today I made three of the best landings I've ever made, and I choose to credit my superior skills, not the light surface winds.

Maybe I'll write up some more details later, but right now, I just need a nap.

My sincere thanks to my instructors and to everyone who offered advice and encouragement.

Who wants an airplane ride?

[UPDATE: If anyone is interested in all the boring details, see]


Let me be the first to congratulate you on your achievement. It's been a long haul but you've done it... good for you!
Great job! We are very proud of you. We can't wait to celebrate.
Congratulations Kris! If we weren't so far away from each other I'd be there this afternoon for a ride.

As for checkride weather, I've ordered up perfectly blue CAVOK, 5 knot winds right down the centerline of three zero, and no convective turbulence or winds aloft.

What I end up getting served may be a different story. :-)

Congrats again - go out and enjoy the privledges now.
Hooray! I'm glad you did it. If Meigs field were still open, I'd invite you to Chicago!
Have fun taking up that first passenger(s)!
Congratulations, Kris. I haven't been reading a lot of blogs of late, but I keep stopping by yours, knowing I'd soon have the chance to congratulate you.
Congrats Kris - What a great accomplishment!
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