Wednesday, November 30, 2005


My First Real Cross-Country Trip

Today I made my first cross-country trip where I actually did something at the destination. I flew to Anniston, Alabama to have lunch and hang out with an old friend for a couple of hours. In all my previous cross-country flights, I simply landed at another airport, got an updated weather briefing and maybe a snack, then took off for home. But today, I got a good meal and a guided tour of a city.

I got to see the big chair!

It was a short trip, about 85 miles each way. The actual winds turned out to be nothing like the forecast, so my navigation plan didn't really work out. I didn't get lost—I was able to just follow the interstate—but I got back to my home airport about ten minutes late, because the forecast 25-knot tailwind wasn't there.

I offered my friend an airplane ride, but he wants to wait until I get more practice. A lot more practice.

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