Thursday, November 17, 2005


Flying Lesson #69: Pre-Checkride Practice

This was my last flight with my instructor before the checkride. Due to moderate turbulence and low-level wind shear, conditions were tougher than usual. I wasn't very happy with how well I flew, but I choose to believe it has nothing to do with how I will fly tomorrow.

Logged today: 1.6 hours dual in N4636D, with two takeoffs and two landings.

Remember a checkride is your opportunity to show how good you are.
Good luck Kris!
Wishing you a great ride...know you'll do just great!
Best of luck, Kris. My checkride is next Friday, so I know how you feel!

I'm sure you'll do great.
Good luck Kris! You have been well trained, now let that work for you. Have fun with it.

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